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Rampage (2018)

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The main hero of the movie “Rampage” Davis works in an advanced center for working with primates. Davis, despite his kindness and sensitivity, spends more time with primates and animals, and not with people. His players understand him very well and trust him. You can say that he is like a father to them, since from childhood he grows them and communicates. Among all the primates stands out an unusually clever albino-gorilla George. But one day something is going wrong and all this is due to the biological experiment “Rampage”. In addition to gorillas, several more animals were affected. How dangerous is the experiment and what will it lead to? What are the consequences for North Americans? Will Davis help his friend, the gorilla George?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 5)

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22 episodes

Before you there is the fifth season of the American science fiction series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” with the participation of various heroes of comics Marvel. This season promises interesting clashes of one of the most organized groups in the fight against crime with representatives of the criminal world. The main characters are real professionals. Each of them performs a certain task. At the head of the department is Phil Colson, an experienced and confident man. With him there are real masters in various fields of knowledge and skills. So, the team has a pilot, May, who fights superbly, as well as agent Ward, capable of proving clever spy affairs. The team also once joined the engineer Fitz for a long time, as well as the biochemist Simmons and the hacker from the god Sky. This team continues its activities around the world, which will surely bear fruit and provide security for ordinary people who dream of peace throughout the world.


Colony (season 3)

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13 episodes

The serial “Colony” is about the theoretically possible occupation of the planet by extraterrestrial civilization. As a result of “Arrival” (the so-called the beginning of the occupation), zones for people living in cities have been formed, these zones are fenced by a huge wall and it is impossible to get out. Life is controlled by proteges of aliens – people who were able to get into power following the results of some sort of selection. We see the zeal of people in fulfilling the tasks of the occupiers from those who serve them, the hatred of the enslaved population, food problems, hunger and even the camp – the Factory from which it is impossible to return.


Gringo (2018)

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The story in the movie “Gringo” begins with the fact that in one ambitious pharmaceutical company it was decided to put on stream the sale of medical marijuana. With the task to take a formula to the Mexican laboratory, a chronic loser Harold was sent, that’s where the fun begins! He recognizes such a super-secret formula of the drug, immediately decides to use this priceless information for personal purposes. The protagonist plays a whole spectrum with a compassionate assurance, confidently believing that the management of the company will pay an impressive ransom of $ 5 million for such a valuable employee.


Sacred Games (season 1)

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Sacred Games

8 episodes

The main character of the series “Sacred Games” – a representative of the police in Mumbai. Sartaj Singh is a man who devoted his entire life to detective work. Not so long ago, he experienced a difficult break with his beloved woman, but now the character has much more time to work. True, the movement on the career ladder has long stopped. A man is not bad in his business, but he can not get a higher position. Soon, Singh is waiting for a really serious investigation, related to the activities of one of the largest and dangerous gangs of Mumbai. Sartaj will meet with the head of such a gang.


Death Wish (2018)

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Death Wish

In this story, “Death Wish,” the protagonist is a successful practicing surgeon. Suddenly, in his house there is trouble – robbery. Bad people kill his wife, daughter also suffered and it is not known whether she will survive or not. Having lost all the most important in his life and realizing that criminals are at liberty, the hero starts to act himself. The main theme of this movie is revenge. This is the story of a respectable family man, who is forced to commit lynching over a gang of criminals.


Ready Player One (2018)

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Ready Player One

Action plot of the movie “Ready Player One” unfolds in the distant future. Many cities turned into ruins, on the planet there is an ecological catastrophe and dust storms are raging. But technology has moved so far that virtual reality is one huge world – “Oasis”, capable of saving a human being from the severity of the surrounding reality. It is there that the humanity of the Earth is looking for shelter, and also embodies various fantasies within the gaming adventures. To go through the Oasis to the end and reveal its secrets it is required to find three cunningly hidden keys, the location of which helps to find out all sorts of clues left by the genius creator.


The Flash (season 4)

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23 episodes

In the new season of the series “Flash”, from the parallel world, several killers were sent to Flash. As it turned out, the terrible villain Zoom is hunting for the hero, to whom Barry’s unusual abilities prevent from tackling the conquest of our reality. In a fatal flaw, Flash becomes the culprit for the opening of the portal between our world and the parallel universe from which the monsters of conquerors begin to arrive, under the leadership of that same Zoom. Responsible for the violation of the order in the Central City Flash, enters into a protracted and complex struggle with the mighty descendants of parallel reality. And as usual, in a fight, a young man is helped by his friends – a real fighting team.


Gun Shy (2017)

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Gun Shy

The best days of rocker Turk Henry are long behind – after his marriage to supermodel Sheila he left the band, could not sing solo, but still has the means to luxuriate on the beach or lie in a jacuzzi with a can of beer. To somehow diversify leisure, the wife pulls the musician to rest in exotic Chile, but there the couple shares, following their own interests, and Sheila, fascinated by the unusual nature and culture, suddenly finds herself hostage to a gang of local criminals. Villains recognize the star and demand a ransom from Turk, but he is not free to dispose of such things alone in a foreign country, and a special agent from the US embassy does not recommend going on a deal with terrorists.


Taken (season 2)

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16 episodes

This is a story “Taken” about the difficult fate of a very young Bryan Mills. He served in the Green Berets, giving himself to the defense of the homeland, without hesitation and selflessly fighting with the enemy. But overnight the tragedy changed him, making him almost helpless. The government did not help much the former Green Beret, and Brian almost alone has to cope with the difficulties that have piled on him. He was able to overcome the consequences of trauma and gain self-confidence. He is noticed and invited to work in the CIA, where Mills becomes one of the most valuable operatives.