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Upgrade (2018)

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The movie “Upgrade” immerses us in the atmosphere of the near future, where everything is full of new technologies and the prevalence of artificial intelligence. In these times, people have the opportunity to modify themselves, that is, to make a variant of symbiosis of biomechanics in the human body. But, the main character is a brutal man, not one of them at all. He seems to be avoiding innovation and modern trends. However, the terrible tragedy that has happened to his family forces him to reconsider his point of view and try out similar technologies on himself. But the very idea of symbiosis was good, when people with disabilities are given a “second chance”.


Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (season 3)

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8 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Stan Lee’s Lucky Man” – is an extremely unlucky person in both work and personal life, a policeman from the London Department of Criminal Investigation. Once he meets a strange mysterious woman who gives him an ancient bracelet and he wins, following her instructions 70 thousand pounds. And the owner of this bracelet gets the ability to control luck. But any such gift has its own price.


Incredibles 2 (2018)

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Incredibles 2

The plot of the new cartoon “Icredibles 2″ is about a family with super abilities who are trying to regain their rights to help people. After all, a law has been passed prohibiting people with the ability to use their uniqueness and to live a simple life. Again, the Parr family is before us, and again they demonstrate their exceptional abilities. But, as expected, a significant amount of attention this time is given to the youngest child in the family. A red thread is the heroic theme. The problems of superheroes are still the same. They have to prove their right to exist. But to do this, alas, is not easy, because the Superhero program is set.


Iron Fist (season 2)

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Iron Fist

10 episodes

Denny Rand is the heir of a huge corporation, a golden boy and all that. When he was 10 years old, together with his parents he was in a plane crash – the family was declared dead. After many years, matured Rand returns to his hometown, New York. No one believes him that he is the same boy who died many years ago. But where was Danny all this time? The answer is in a monastery , hidden from the world, where a warrior with a mystical gift was made from it.


Jack Ryan (season 1)

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Jack Ryan

8 episodes

The focus of the plot of the series is Jack Ryan, played by John Krasinski. The main character works in the CIA. He is very talented and very confident. And all around this young man is predicting a great future. In addition, Jack is entrusted with the most responsible work. Ryan now stands at the head of an operation to eliminate especially dangerous criminals, real terrorists who threaten world security. Let’s see how the story of this talented CIA agent ends. Will he be able to cope with the most complex operation and save the world from terrorism?


Ocean’s Eight (2018)

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Ocean's Eight

Traditionally for the Ocean franchise, crime is a high art. This time, the place of robbery is Met Gala, an annual charity ball, held at the Metropolitan Museum. Met Gala is the coolest party in the city with the steepest celebrities as guests, a real parade of success and wealth. Paradise for paparazzi, who scurry around and there in the hope of making a compromising picture and get on the first page of a fashion magazine. The movie “Ocean’s Eight” is about the steep plan of robbery with high-tech equipment and, first of all, about friendship: about how women are able to support and help each other and make the impossible possible.


Taxi 5 (2018)

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Taxi 5

Sylvain Maro is an energetic Parisian policeman who is not too good with the law. Another wild trick on the road and an affair with the wife of the prefect put a cross on Sylvain’s dreams of getting a place in the special order detachment, the head of the Metropolitan Police sends a rebel to Marseilles, where he has to shift papers in the local area. However, to the delight of Maro, the city becomes a place of regular daring robberies of banks and jewelry stores, which follow the same scenario, resulting in unsuccessful pursuit of police cars for powerful sports cars. Driving skills of Sylvain allow the cop to squeeze the maximum out of any car, and when the legendary taxi, managed today by Daniel Morales’ nephew Eddie McLuff, gets to him, the Parisian guest has nothing else but to uncover the secret of the raids of the gang of diamond-hungry Italians.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In the movie “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” the main characters and a group of specialists go to the island and are going to take away the remains of ancient animals from the island, as a waking volcano can wipe out the entire terrain with dinosaurs. But no one suspected that not all historical animals were destroyed many years ago. Many of them happily continued to exist and multiply, expecting to visit their next victims. The idea of a new film completely concentrates on human vices and virtue.


Cloak & Dagger (season 1)

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Cloak & Dagger

10 episodes

The series “Cloak & Dagger” will tell about two teenagers who once discovered superpowers – the main advantage of Tandy is the possibility of radiation of light daggers. And Tyrone is able to plunge everything into darkness. Fate brings the heroes together, and from that moment their lives completely change. Now two young people, who sincerely fell in love with each other, despite the racial differences, become a friendly effective team, capable of doing great things. The series “Cloak & Dagger” is based on the comics Marvel.


Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

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Ant-Man and the Wasp

After Scott Lang went for the Cap and became a national criminal, he was sentenced to two years of house arrest, who is serving his sentence. And when he has only a couple of days left to “lean back”, he receives a signal from the quantum universe from the mother of his beloved Hope. Now he has to hide again from the government, from bandits and a strange ghost girl, to help Hank Pym get his wife back, and Hope her mother.